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12 / 10 M I X E D C A B

The British 12/10 Mixed Cab is the eye-catching all in one british flavoured guitar cab you didn’t know you wanted. It’s a compact and versatile solution for bedroom warriors, home studio and professional studio that can also be your live guitar cab.


The 12/10 Mixed Cab combines 2x 12″ speakers for big sound and solid bass and 2x 10″ speakers to get the quick response and the punch you sometimes need. The best of the two World in a small but soundy enclosure.


You can choose between half open back for an open sound that fills the room or full closed back for a more directional sounding cab (e g large stage). 8 screws and you’re good to go !


Each speaker is individually connected to a jack input, as well as to a parallel “link” output. You can therefore connect 1, 2 or 4 speakers of your choice to your amplifier or plug in up to 4 amplifiers to this one single cab.


Create your own complexe tone, experiment with your favorites speakers to find the perfect match for your amp and your style. The 12/10 Mixed Cab can be used on your stereo / dual amp setup for live and recording application.


From home studios to professionals, the Mixed Cab save you space in the gearlocker and still offers you a wide variety of speakers available. Record multiple tracks with different flavor of speakers from a single recording to get tasty additional sound material for your mixes.


This British version of the 12/10 Mixed Cab has a British Racing livery with a light V-shape front panel that reminds us of sports cars grilles.


It’s not your usual cab for sure.

You can buy it empty and load it with your favorite speakers or with one of our UK flavored speakers selection.




In deep



Each speaker has its own 8 ohm input and can be connected to an amp, such as a standard 1 × 12 cab. You could plug in up to 4 different amps, which can come in handy for jamming in a small space.




Each speaker has its own Link output that allows you to combine them in pairs (at most, for impedance’s reasons). You can mix between 2 speakers, or to combine them to use a stereo amplifier or dual outputs.


To connect them, a simple speaker patch cable at the rear to connect 2 speakers of your choice, like the radio operators of the last century.


Using 2 speakers 8 ohms in parallel means you need to use the 4 ohms output of your amp.




The “FULL” section allows you to make combinations with a series wiring. Connect your amp to the Input and plug in 2 linked speakers to use them 4 altogether in a 8 ohms serie/parallel wiring configuration.


If your amp hasn’t got any 4 ohms output, you can use this “FULL” section to combines 2 speakers in series for your 16 ohms amplifier.






Finish : British Racing


Configuration : 2×12″ + 2×10″


Half open and Closed back


Dimension : tba


Weight without speakers : tba


Weight loaded : tba





Choose Wisely

The British 12/10 Mixed Cab comes with a UK speakers selection build with versatility in mind, but you can get in naked and load it with your own configuration speakers.



To compensate for its low sensitivity, the Greenback G10 is placed on top right, while the G10 take the opposite 10″ free spot in the bottom left corner. The A60 AlNiCo and its rich low end are bottom right and F70 Ceramic on top left to balance the whole stuff.


This speakers selection offers you vintage, classic and modern sounds in both AlNiCo and Ceramic magnet from 2 of the most famous English manufacturer. Those different sensitivity allows you to choose to right speakers for your use at home, in the studio or on stage. It’s the “you can’t go wrong” option, but not the cheapest.


You can also opt for a full Celestion selection with Vintage 30 and AlNiCo 12″ replacing both Fane speakers.



UK Selection #2 :

Celestion G12M-65 Creamback

Celestion G12H-75 Creamback

Celestion G10 Vintage

Celestion G10 Greenback


This full ceramic Celestion speakers selection gives you a wide range of tonal options.


When thinking about your dream speakers config, we highly recommend you to consider :


– Do I own any speakers yet ? Do I want to use it/them ? Our cabs come with wiring instruction and easy plug connectors. Recycle your good old speaker(s).


– Finding 4 different speakers that really works together will not be easy. You might encounter phase issues and strange feeling with some frequencies over/underrepresented in the spectrum.


– How many amplifiers do you have ? Up to 4 heads can be connected in the same time. You can select a specific speaker for each of your amps without worrying about the possible use of your speakers in combination or all together. That’s a valid option too.


– In the 2 amps scenario, you


– You don’t need to use the all 4 speakers in live conditions. One good pairs of speakers should be enough. Although, dual amp setup can share the same Mixed Cab with 2 pairs of matching speakers. Like a two cab 1×12″+1×10″ or 2×12″+2×10″ in the same classy enclosure.


– With that in mind, if you want the 12/10 Mixed Cab to be your only cab (aka to be the most versatile), with 2 speaker dedicated for Live (and recording) uses, you may opt for one specific low sensitivy speaker for home use.


– 1 amp : Live or recording / Live and recording ?




step by step

2020 SEP : First Prototype UK 12/10
2020 JUN : Testing the Mixed Cab concept
2019 DEC. : Mixed Cab project started