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Sonic Sherpas

HARD STUFF BOX is born out of an obsession with good sound, a passion for music gear and a love of experimentation.


With the touch of madness that characterizes us, we imagine creative solutions and develop them with the aim of offering you new tools full of good mojo, your daily sonic dope.


We explore specific niches to meet your most unsuspected needs, to improve your workflows and explore new audio worlds. Our dearest wish is to contribute in one way or another to your quest for Tone.


We are based in Belgium in the heart of Europe, the land of surrealism.



First envisioned as a collective when it was founded in the end of 2012, Hard Stuff Box served as a creative structure for sharing ideas in order to make guitars, pedals and amps.


Experimenting to find the quintessential audio in our projects is what has driven Hard Stuff Box since the beginning, because this is the way we live our addiction to good music gear.


For sure we had good times and we’ve learn a lot ! We will remember from this period a few projects completed: 2 amps, 2 guitar projects and sketches of effects pedals . (available soon in the archives)


Considered by everyone as being a side-project from the start, this happy mess was going – unfortunately – little by little to run out of steam.





A year of pandemic and gloomy prospects for the future made us realize that it was time to realize old dreams before it was no longer possible.


Hard Stuff Box was therefore going to move up a gear in 2021!


The objective is now to design original equipment with the aim of marketing it in small series. This involves professionalizing both administratively and logistically, but above all finding the right partners to ensure the production of the fruit of our research.


At this stage, the first prototypes bring their share of lessons and corrections to be made, while our various product pages are updated as progress is made – in a certain confidentiality.


After a first year slowed down by supply difficulties and a general increase in our purchase prices, it is now the conflict in Ukraine that is causing trouble for our suppliers.

We cling to our dream and we adapt.


The Hard Stuff Box machine is launched and who can predict where it will land?!


Stay Tuned.




Plus d’info prochainement