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Hello ! We are Hard Stuff Box





Hard Stuff Box


Please have a drink and feel comfortable.


Hard Stuff Box is a collective that cares about Music Gear, Booze and Art in general.


This group of music freaks has various profiles such as pro & amateur musicians, builders, pro audio specialist, DIY tweakers, Gear enthusiasts, NOS Tubes Freaks, corksniffers, … but first of all we are all epicurean 😀


Our gear talks quickly became some kind of brainstormings. Everyone has his own opinion on what an epic music gear/solution is : lots of ideas come through all the time. We put them all togheter, shake it twice -to make it short- and BAM : there is a new project in da box !


Our different experiences with music gear and the amount of gear we all (have) own give us a solid base of references that inspires our Custom Works. We never get out of ideas !


Even if we fine-tune that gear for us, we try to consider each way the gear could be used for and find the good balance to make it sounds perfect in every situation.


All the R&D processes are probably the most interesting and fun part of the work. That’s why we do all this and that’s our way to live our gear addiction.


Our different projects allow us to have a « builder point-of-view » that gives us a better understanding on the music gear Industry. The time we spend on Research and Development is learningful as well… and in the end : we get exactly what we wanted, for our personnal use at first.


Even if it’s not the collective’s purpose, we consider to make some limited run of pieces periodly in the futureif we are asked for, of course ! Be sure You’ll be informed !


You will soon discover the different projects we are working on on the different pages of this website still under construction! Stay Tuned!


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